Mirror Surface Aluminum Coil

Mirror Surface Aluminum Coil is produced by mechanical polishing.

Mirror Surface Aluminum Coil

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Zhejiang New Aluminium Technology Co.,Ltd.

We have import two sets of 6-high CVC cold rolling mills from SMS Siemag ,Germany; two sets of rolling grinding machines from Hercules ,Germany ;three sets of 2150 foil rolling mill from Achenbach ,Germany ;one set of 2050 mm 6-high cold rolling mill and two sets of tension leveling & cleaning lines from FATA Hunter ,Itlay ;one sent of edge trimming & slitting line from Danieli , Itlay and one set of Auto Packing Line from Posco ,South Korea .


About Us

Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd was established under the guidance of government to implement the national strategy of “The Belt and The Road” going out when all world was in the economic crisis in 2008 .We are a scale aluminum production and export enterprise with market and customer demand as our orientation.

In order to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain and diversified development ,we acquired a cookware and roofing machine factories in 2021

So we also produce all kinds of aluminum cookware , we have the advantage for the aluminum material price , also for the quality.Our aluminum cookware have export to Mid East and Europe with good reputable .

High quality ,technological innovation and service as our purpose and committed to creating excellent Chinese brand.Our headquarters is in Hangzhou ,with the cooperation with louyang government ,we jointly hold three aluminium factories in Henan Province.



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  • Aluminum Cookware

    Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd is a reputable and famous Aluminum factory in China .We were established under the guidance of the government to implement the national strategy of “The Belt and The Road” going out when the world was in the economic crisis in 200...

  • LME and AOO price on 24th Nov 2022

    LME aluminium opened at US$2,433 per tonne on Wednesday and closed at US$2,390 per tonne, down US$46 per tonne or 1.89 per cent. A00 aluminium ingot price has augmented by RMB 130 per tonne, closing at RMB 19,000 per tonne, as the Shanghai Metals Market recorded on Thurs...

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    On October 11, 2022, the London Metal Exchange (LME), one of the world's largest commodities exchanges, announced that it will not bar Russian metal from being traded and stored in its system due a vital segment of the market is still planning to procure Russian metal in...